Build A Backpack Program In NC

During Tax Free Weekend, I went and bought school supplies for my kids.  I went to Wal-Mart and picked up the school supply list before heading over to the aisles of school supplies.  At the entrance of the store, there was a lady handing out little pieces of paper with a list of items needed for the Build A Backpack program.  My first reaction was that I couldn’t afford to donate any items.  I barely had enough money to purchase my kids supplies.  Then I picked up the list for my daughter’s supplies,  and noticed that it was short this year.  My son’s school supply list isn’t available before school.  I have to get it directly from his teacher, and usually includes general supplies like tissue, paper towels, crayons, etc..

As I was picking up the items my daughter needed, I saw that most of the items listed on the Build A Backpack list were the big sale items.  For an extra $10, I had left the store with two bags of supplies that I was able to hand off to the lady outside the store.  For just a little extra, a child would have school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Communities in Schools of North Carolina will be collecting donations at local area Wal-Marts until the end of the month.  I know it’s difficult to make donations.  The economy really hasn’t improved much for many of us.  Every little bit helps.  When you are out there shopping for your children, buying their school supplies, add one or two items to your cart to donate to the Build A Backpack Program.  You’ll find a box to drop them into at the front of the store.  Even if it’s just a pack of pencils.  It could mean a big difference to a child.