Family Fun At The Dirt Track With Monster Trucks

My family had a great time at the Monster Truck Bash on Saturday.  It was held at The Dirt Track in Charlotte, NC.  I went with my husband and daughter, and left my son with a friend.  I knew my autistic son would not be able to handle the noise and the crowds.  We arrived in Charlotte early, so we went to the mall to check out some of the stores.  When it was getting close to the starting time for the Pit Party, we headed over to The Dirt Track.

I’ve never been to a Monster Trucks show.  My daughter has been asking us to take her for a couple years.  We were waiting for her to be old enough to enjoy it, and to handle the noise.  With her history of ear problems, we were worried.  The first thing we did upon arrival was to get drinks.  It was hot, and I needed water.  Armed with our drinks and the Monster Truck Bash schedule, we headed over to the Pit Party.

I was surprised at how much they had for the kids to do at the Pit Party.  The Circle K Back-to-School Monster Truck Bash Pit Party was geared towards children having fun.  There were also things for the adults to do, too.  The trucks were displayed for everyone to take pictures of, and the drivers were signing autographs.  We did not get any autographs, because I did not want to stand in the long line.  We did, however, make it over to the line to get a ride in a monster truck before it got too long.

The monster truck ride was priced at $10 a person.  I thought it was a little high, and almost didn’t do it.  I’m glad I did.  It was worth the price.  It’s hard to describe what riding in the back of a monster truck is like, but I’ll try.  It was like the best carnival ride you could ever go on.  It was a little scary for me, but I put my faith in the driver, and enjoyed myself.  He drove around in circles at a high speed, and over a dirt mound.  We were tossed back and forth, screaming and laughing.  My daughter loved it!

After the monster truck ride, we went over and checked out the rest of the Pit Party.  My daughter took pictures of the truck that she picked to be her favorite, Stone Crusher.  We visited a couple of the exhibit booths, and then went to find our seats in the stand.  I think we had the perfect seats.  We were up in row 28 of section 105, which put us in line with the center of the track.  We were high enough to get pictures without the fence getting in the way.  And thanks to the zoom on my camera, I was able to get some great pictures and videos of the event.  I posted a couple of the videos yesterday, so you can go back and look at them if you haven’t already.

My favorite part of the show was the monster trucks freestyle.  The drivers came out, one at a time, and created chaos and carnage.  It was great!  I also really enjoyed the motorcycle show.  They did some amazing tricks for the fans.  My daughter was disappointed that she didn’t get a t-shirt.  They were throwing them out into the stands, but only a few lucky fans got one.  She was also not happy that she didn’t get an autograph from Stone Crusher.  If you had seen the line for autographs, you would understand why I didn’t want to stand in it.

Other than those two things, my daughter had a great time.  She was extremely tired when we headed back to the truck to go home.  We made a stop for something to eat at a nearby restaurant, before making the long drive.  My daughter slept most of the ride home.  The next day, my husband made a comment about the souvenir trucks.  He was wanting to buy some monster trucks, but they only sold t-shirts and stuffed animals.  My daughter got a stuffed Lug Nut, but that was all we took away for a souvenir.

Here are a few pictures of the fun at the Monster Truck Bash.  If you get a chance to take your family to a monster trucks show, I highly recommend doing it.