North Carolina Tax Free Weekend Sales

It’s that time of the year.  This weekend is North Carolina Tax Free Weekend, and I will be hunting for some good sales to take advantage of.  My daughter needs new clothes for school, and both of my kids will need their school supplies.  I always like to go to Wal-Mart for the school supplies, but I shop at different stores for kids clothes.  My daughter is now in the “tween” sizes, so it’s going to be a little more difficult to find clothes that fit her.

One store that is on the top of my list is Justice.  They have school uniforms on sale, and I’m told they carry “tween” sizes.  Everything in the store will be 40% off this weekend, according to their website.  With it being tax free weekend, I’ll save a little extra money by not having to pay taxes.

Another store that I would like to visit, which is also doing a sale on school uniforms, is Aéropostale.  Both Aéropostale and Justice are located in Crabtree Valley Mall, which means that I can easily take my daughter to both of them.  I will also check out Belk’s and Macy’s while we are there.  I’m planning a long day of shopping, since my daughter will have to try on everything.  I am so happy that my daughter loves to try on clothes.  I will tire out long before she does.

Before we go to the mall, we will be stopping at Old Navy.  They have great sale prices for uniform shirts and uniform pants.  They are also doing a sale on backpacks, $15.  Looking at their website, I also noticed Polo Dresses for $12.  My daughter has asked me to buy her some dresses for school this year, and I think she will love Old Navy’s Polo Dresses.

Have you done your back to school shopping, yet?  Or are you waiting for this weekend, like I am?