Daughter Falls Prey To Internet Perv

I’m very careful about monitoring my daughter’s internet use.  She uses the computer in the living room, where I can watch what she is doing.  She isn’t allowed to chat with anyone online.  This has caused a lot of arguments, because she didn’t understand the dangers of talking to strangers online.  In her world, everyone is nice.  So it was a huge shock when my daughter fell prey to an internet perv.

We have an MG Player.  You can download apps on it to play, or listen to music, or watch YouTube videos.  My daughter has a lot of games downloaded to it, and one of the games involves a cat that she interacts with.  The first time I saw her talking to the MG Player, I sat down beside her to watch.  She was talking to a cat and the cat talked back to her.  Very innocent.  Last week, when she was in her bedroom, I heard her talking.  I looked in, and she had the MG Player.  I thought she was on that game again.

That evening, when my husband was looking at the MG Player, he noticed that Skype had been downloaded to it.  Neither one of us realized that it was possible to download Skype to it.  He asked our daughter about it, and she said that she downloaded it as a surprise for me.  My husband asked her if she was chatting with anyone on it, and she said no.

If you are familiar with Skype, then you know that conversations are saved to it.  My husband scrolled back, and became very angry.  She lied.  She was talking with two guys.  They were adults, and had no business talking to a 10 year old girl.  The conversations were shocking.  It took some doing, but we managed to get the whole story out of our daughter.  She not only messaged back and forth on Skype, she also used the Skype phone and video.

I won’t go into detail about everything, but the one guy sent her a video.  It was a porn video of him.  I was sickened.  I was angry at my daughter for lying and chatting online.  I was shocked at how this internet perv had manipulated my daughter.  And I was scared.  What would have happened if we had not put an end to it when we did?

My husband called the police and reported the perv.  They said that they would look into it, but could not actually open an investigation without our cooperation.  This would mean turning the MG Player over to them, and agreeing to let our daughter testify if they were to find this guy.  I have no problem with turning over the MG Player to them, but I can not allow my daughter to be further traumatized by being involved in the investigation and/or prosecution of this perv.  You might disagree with my decision, I think my mother-in-law does, but I have to think about my daughter first.  I don’t want this guy to get away with what he did, but I can’t put my daughter through anymore.  I couldn’t protect her from what she went through, but I can prevent any further damage.