Universal Technical Institute Sexist Commercial

Have you seen the commercial for Universal Technical Institute?  The main guy in the commercial is sending a message to all the guys watching the commercial.  The commercial shows only guys in the commercial being trained as auto technicians.  The actor in the commercial says that the best brands partner with UTI because they want “these guys in there shops when they graduate.”

What offends me the most about this commercial is that it is so openly discriminating against women.  I was outraged.  Men are not the only ones that can be trained as auto technicians.  And what does it say about the “brands” that work with them?  Do they only hire men?  The commercial listed several of the top brand auto manufacturers as UTI’s partners.

I know that the field of auto repair is still a man’s world.  One of the reasons is that there is still thinking out there that only men can work on cars.  I admit, I know nothing about how my car works.  When it breaks down, I leave it to my husband to get it fixed.  But, that’s my choice.  If I wanted to learn how to fix it, I could.  I just have no desire to work on a car.  I also know that there are women out there that do like to work on cars.  According to UTI’s message in it’s commercial, a women need not apply to attend UTI.  They train only men.  At least, that’s the message I get from the guy in the commercial addressing all the “guys” out there.  It’s the message I get when I see only male students.  It’s the message I get when he says that the brands hire guys that graduate from Universal Technical Institute.

What do you think?  Are you offended by this commercial?  Do you think it should be taken off the air?  And what about the brands they say they work with, like Ford, Nascar, and Toyota.  What does this say about them?  How do they feel about this commercial?