Safe Haven Movie Screening In North Carolina

Last night, I attended a screening for the soon to be released movie Safe Haven, in Raleigh, North Carolina.  If you haven’t heard about this movie, where have you been?  It’s based on the book written by Nicholas Spark, and is set in Southport, NC.  The movie was also partially filmed in beautiful Southport, NC, and stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough.

I loved this movie!  Josh is one of my favorite actors to watch on the big screen.  Not just because he is a hunk, but also because he is so great at combining comedy, romance, and action into the characters he portrays.  Julianne was also surprisingly good.  I know her best for Dancing with the Stars.  In this movie, she has proven herself to be an accomplished actress, as well as her other achievements.

But, the one person that really stole the movie, was actually one of the youngest actresses cast in Safe Haven.  She is our very own Raleigh, NC native, Mimi Kirkland.  She plays little Lexie, Josh’s on-screen daughter.  She literally stole every scene she was in.

This movie opens on February 14 in theaters nationwide.  I think it is a must see for anyone that loves romance and mystery.  This movie will keep you guessing from beginning to end.  It also has some great visual effects.  One of my favorite is a beach scene with Josh and Julianne.  They are both laying down on the sand, and the camera angles and lighting make the whole scene look surreal.  It’s hard to describe, you really have to see it for yourself.  I can’t recall ever seeing a scene with everything shot so perfectly.

Safe Haven gives you a nice glimpse of one of my favorite North Carolina vacation destinations.  I will show you a little more during the week.  I have some pictures I would like to share, and some suggestions of places to visit in Southport, NC.  It’s not surprising that my state has become so popular for making movies.  From our beaches along the coast, to our majestic mountains, North Carolina has something to attract everyone.  Next time you are planning a vacation, you should come check us out.