Wrong Appointment and Halloween Surprise

Yesterday had it’s ups and downs.  My son had an appointment, out of town, for his pre-op.  He is having his ear surgery next month.  So is my daughter, but his is first.  I was told over the phone that my son’s pre-op appointment was on Oct. 25.  It was a long drive, and I had to pull both kids out of school.

I didn’t know how long the appointment would run, and I didn’t want to risk not being home when my daughter got off the bus.  Therefore, I kept her home yesterday.  The three of us made the long trip up to Durham.  I found a decent parking spot, and we walked over to the hospital.

My son loved the elevator ride up to the third floor, where we needed to check in.  I checked him in, and was told his appointment was Friday.  I was not happy.  The lady checked to see if it was possible to fit him in yesterday, since we were there.  She was told that we could either come back tomorrow, or wait and see if there is a cancellation.  Waiting with an autistic child is not an easy thing.  I told her we would be back the next day.  Today is the next day, and my husband has it off.  I am making him take our son up there for the appointment.  I just did not feel like doing the drive two days in a row.

After being home for a little bit yesterday, I went outside and found a delivery.  Still feeling aggravated over the wasted trip to the hospital, I was happy to see the package I received.  It was from UNREAL candy.   I was not expecting it.  They sent us a box of candy for the Halloween.  I thought that was so nice.  So did my kids.  They love UNREAL candy, and I like that it is a little healthier than the other candy on the market.