Teres Kids Store Review

organic clothesMy daughter loves clothes.  She especially loves dresses.  When I was approached to do a review of Teres Kids Store, I knew I had to say yes.  I didn’t tell my daughter.  I wanted it to be a surprise.  They sent us a dress in her size to review and keep.

Let me tell you a little bit about Teres Kids Store.  Their clothing is made of 100% organic materials.  There are no tags, and the seams are soft.  The material is really soft, and durable.  My daughter loves to dress up in dresses, but she plays in them like they are everyday play clothes.  Her dresses get a good workout.

I was sent the Verticle Ruffle Dress in grey.  My daughter loved it!  She was so excited, and immediately changed out of the dress she had and put the Teres Kids Store dress on.  I was surprised at how soft and thick the material is.  It’s a great dress for colder weather.

I washed the dress in cold, and then hung it up to dry.  The wrinkles fell out while drying, and my daughter had it back on the next day.  This says a lot, since she has a closet full of dresses to pick from.

I checked their website, and this particular dress is out of stock, but there are others to choose from.  They also sell shirts, pants and leggings.  They have a line of clothes for boys, too.