Interviewed On PBS NewsHour Google+ Hangout

Last night, I did a round table interview on PBS NewsHour’s Google+ Hangout.  It was directed at undecided voters, and what our thoughts were about the candidates.  It was an interesting experience.  I was able to voice my opinion on the candidates.  I was also able to say what issues I thought they should address in order to get my vote.

At this moment, I am not happy with either of the presidential candidates.  I think that there has been too much negative campaign advertisements, and that neither one of them is addressing the important issues.  They seem to be focused on general ideas.  I want specific plans for helping the economy.  I also would like to see the candidates address autism.

Autism rates rise each year.  The government has cut our benefits.  It’s becoming harder to manage the needs of autistic children.  My family goes further in debt each year.  Just when we think that things may turn around, the government makes a devastating change in my son’s benefits, and we spiral further in debt.

Gas prices are outrageous.  This needs to be addressed.  The cost of gas affects the cost of items that we need to purchase at the store.  Groceries, medicines, utilities, etc., are all affected by the cost of gas.  When will this be addressed?

If either of the candidates want my vote, they need to convince me that they have a plan that will work.  Neither one has done this.  Right now, as far as I am concerned, it’s a matter of picking the better of two bad choices.