My Daughter’s Baking Experience

My daughter wanted to make cookies last night.  They were shaped sugar cookies.  She has only baked on her own once, and that was using a cookie recipe designed for kids.  It was also a recipe that she and I had done together.  This time, she wanted to tackle a new and complicated recipe.  She’s only 9, but she had to start somewhere.  Right?

I was a little scared, but let her do it.  She had so much fun.  The batter didn’t come out right.  She wasn’t able to roll out the dough into shapes.  Not that she didn’t try.  She tried, even after I told her the dough wasn’t thick enough to roll out.

She was able to make one batch of cookies.  She overcooked them, a little.  She created a huge mess, but cleaned up some of it.  I, of course, was left with the dirty dishes.  It was definitely a learning experience for her.

I can remember learning how to bake at her age.  I’d follow a recipe, and make cookies and brownies.  Sometimes, they came out great.  Sometimes, they didn’t.  It was all part of learning how to bake.  I felt that it was important to give my daughter the same opportunity.  I love to bake, and she shares my joy in baking.  Now, I just need to teach her how to wash dishes afterward.