Oracle Linux Fundamentals Certification Exam Quick Facts


The Linux Fundamentals certification exam is the final step before earning the Oracle Linux Certified Implementation Specialist Certification. You have no doubt put a lot of time into persevering through this program and you’re probably ready to put the icing on the certification cake by passing the exam the first time around. Below, I will help you do just that as we take a look at what you need to know about the 1Z0-402 exam.


The 1Z0-402 exam covers a lot of material as evidenced by its 77 questions. You will have two hours to complete the exam, so please don’t rush through it. Exam topics will include the following: Enterprise Linux Fundamentals; Regular Expressions, Messaging, Text Editing, and Printing; Multi-User Concepts, Managing Software, and Command Shells; The Linux File System, Introduction to Shell Scripting, X Window System; Manipulating Files, and Process Management/Job Control. The above list does not include all of the topics that appear on the exam, so please prepare accordingly.


Speaking of preparation, it is recommended that you take the Oracle Linux: Linux Fundamentals and/or Enterprise Linux: Linux Fundamentals courses and use the 1Z0-402 exam tutorials from Testslive as you get ready for this exam. With Testslive, you can customize your study routine with your course notes and the comprehensive yet simple layout of real exam questions that you need to master for this exam. With this basic information and a little initiative on your part, you will be ready for your best exam performance ever.