Clothing Labels For Your Kids Clothes

One thing I don’t like to do is to go through and label all of the clothes and supplies for my kids.  I have to do it for school and for day camp.  During the summer, I was wishing for an easier way to label everything my daughter had to take to day camp.  I wanted clothing labels for your kids clothes, and waterproof labels for her drink bottle.  Have you tried to label a bottle with your child’s name?  It isn’t easy.

I now know where I can find the labels for clothing, water bottles, shoes, back packs and more.  Label-Land has iron on labels for your child’s clothing, personalized bag tags, and waterproof labels that are perfect for the water bottles that sweat.  I tried to label my daughter’s water bottle with an address label.  I couldn’t find anything else to use.  Of course, it didn’t stay on.  It sweated right off.  Next year, when I send my daughter to camp, I will order some of the waterproof labels and iron on labels from Label-Land.  Everything that I send with the kids to camp have to be labelled.  Even their shoes.

I don’t like to have to write on every clothing item that I send my kids to camp with.  I do it for my daughter for her day camp, and I do it for my son with his week long Boy Scout overnight camp.  I like that Label-Land has labels that can be ironed on (or sewn on), have up to two lines of text on them, and will hold up in the laundry machine.  They also have personalized tags for your child’s book bag and shoe tags.  Their labels will stand up to being in the wash machine and dryer.  That is a big plus for me.

When was the last time you had to label everything for your child?

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.