Designer Clothes At An Affordable Price From Ladida

I miss shopping for the clothes that my kids wore when they were babies and toddlers.  I think that is the best time for clothes shopping.  Outfits for them are so adorable.  I was lucky to have a boy and a girl.  Each gender has their own special outfits that you see and immediately want to put your little one in. I’ve recently been introduced to an online shopping site for infants and toddlers.  It’s called Ladida.  They have designer children’s clothing, at an affordable price, from over 50 designer brands.  The sizes of the clothes they carry only range from infant to toddler.  It’s a shame they don’t have larger sizes, though.  Because I saw some great outfits that I would love to see my kids in.

I’d like to show off one of the designer brand’s you can find on Ladida.  It’s Elaine et Lena, and I wish I could post all of the outfits for you.  I had a hard time just picking a couple to use in this post.

Eliane dress

Eliane blue

Aren’t they adorable?  Eliane et Lena’s line has hats, scarves, dresses, pants and more.  I noticed that this line was heavy on the girl outfits, but that was fine.  The outfits look great.  Ladida has the little boys represented well in the other designer brands it carries.  I found this adorable 3 Pommes Star Knit Sweater for boys.

3 pommes sweater

Some of the prices were a little high for my price range, but the sale items were priced at a must buy range.  I would purchase a few for my kids if they weren’t too old for them.  I like this Eliane et Lena purple cardigan, regular price is $69.00, and it’s on sale now for $27.60.

purple cardigan

Even though my kids are too old for these clothes, I know some of my readers have children that are just the right age and size for them.  I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share Ladida with all of you.  Which outfit is your favorite?

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.