Urban Fitness Free Personal Training Classes

Wilmington NCIf you live around the Wilmington, NC area, hopefully you have heard that Urban Fitness is offering free personal training classes until October. If you haven’t heard, now you have. I think this is great! I wish I lived close enough to Carolina Beach to take advantage of that.
Making exercise a daily part of my routine is important to me. I do this by exercising at home. I walk and jog outside. I do floor exercises in my living room. I also have a weight machine that I make use of. But I would still love to be able to take some free personal training classes. Unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of us, I can’t afford it.

Why Urban Fitness Personal Training Classes?

Urban Fitness is a Personal Facility that prides itself on being the cleanest, friendliest and most caring in Wilmington NC. We offer a wide range of services from Personal Training, Boot Camps, TRX Classes and much more.

Our staff of are the best in the area. With one on one personal training, or partner training, we will help you break through plateaus, fine-tune your fitness and dietary regimens, and maximize your results. Urban Fitness

If you are having trouble getting your own healthy lifestyle routine going, or if you have hit a wall with your program, this would be a good time to seek help from a personal trainer.  Their free classes end in October, so you don’t want to wait around too long.  Head over there now to take advantage of this great opportunity to put together your healthy lifestyle plan.