Planning a Happy & Stress-Free Family Holiday

Travelling with a family can be pretty stressful, always involving quite a lot of whining a complaining. The notorious refrain “are we there yet?” pops to mind. While there isn’t really anything that can be done to make you reach your destination faster (unless they get that teleporter invented soon), what you can do is make things run as smoothly as possible once you arrive. Follow some of these tips to make your next holiday a happy one!

Stress-Free Family Holiday Tips

* Packing your whole family into a single hotel room can make for a tense situation. Everyone likes to have some privacy and personal space, and there is no better accommodation option for this than a self-catering holiday cottage. In a holiday cottage everyone can have their own space, which is sure to keep everyone much calmer and happier. For holiday cottages in the UK and Ireland consider Sykes Cottages, the UK’s leading independent cottage rental agency.

* Kids don’t always react positively to a change, so making an effort to keep things similar to their home routine will keep them happier and more comfortable. Try to keep their sleeping and eating schedules similar to while at home in order to limit any arguments or unnecessary distress. Everyone will be better off for it!

* Make sure to plan some activities in advance so that you can hit the ground running every day. You don’t want to waste part of your day trying to decide where to go, something which is especially true on rainy days.

* Check online for advanced ticket deals in order to save both money and time. Generally when you have advanced tickets you won’t have to wait in line, which is never fun with small children!

Don’t let the stress of planning put you off taking a family holiday this year. There are some ways to make it cheaper and easier for everyone; you just need to know how! Using some, or all, of these tips is sure to make your next family holiday much more enjoyable for both you and the kids.

If you happen to be planning a family holiday in the UK or Ireland make sure that you take a look at to find great deals on family holiday cottage accommodation. Whether you are looking for a chic city apartment, or a quaint country cottage, Sykes Cottages is sure to have something for you.

Photo Attribution: Fig Tree Cottage from Sykes Cottages

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