Calling All Fashion Divas For Makeover Help

In a couple weeks, I will be at my goal weight and off on a shopping spree.  My mom is going to treat me to a new wardrobe, YEAH!  She thinks I will have earned it after losing 80 pounds.  I have a little problem, though.  I don’t know what types of clothes to buy.

The last time I was at this weight, I was a lot younger.  I can’t buy the clothes I bought then, because they are not age appropriate.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was never really good at picking out clothes for myself back then.  I haven’t gotten better in time with it.  I’ve focused so much time and energy on my son, that I neglected all things fashion for myself.  I pretty much neglected myself completely.  My doctor gave me a good wake up call, with my last physical.  I’ve completely changed my lifestyle when it comes to eating and exercising.  Now, I need a fashion makeover, and I need help.

That’s where my readers come in.  I know that some of you are fashion divas.  Can you help me out?  If you are a blogger, you can blog about.  Put together a post with pictures of clothes that are appropriate for my age and body type, and leave a link here for me to go check it out.  I’d love to make this a contest, but I don’t have anything to giveaway for it.  The only thing I have to offer for the coming up with the look that I like is a year of advertising either here on Carolina Mom Blogger, or over on my Autism Learning Felt blog (it’s a PR3).  How does that sound to you?  A 125×125 button on the sidebar of whichever one of my blogs you want, for a year.

It would help you to know, that I don’t do tank tops, sleeveless shirts or dresses, and I don’t do shoes with heels.  I’m a mom on the go, and my feet have to be comfortable.  (Oh, and I guess you want to know my name so that the outfits are age appropriate.  Alright, I’m 41.  Just don’t tell anyone.)

If you don’t have a blog, but want to participate, you can.  Simply submit your post directly on my blog.