Boulder Canyon’s Canyon Cut Chips Review

Last week, I received Boulder Canyon’s new Canyon Cut chips for review.  I received the Totally Natural (original), Sour Cream & Chives and Honey Barbeque .  Since it was close to my daughter’s birthday, I decided to to take them to her bowling party and review them there.

The Boulder Canyon’s Canyon Cut chips have a few less fat grams and calories per serving.  I don’t approve of them as a healthy snack for everyday, but as an occasional treat they aren’t too bad.  There are times, like for my daughter’s birthday, you want chips on the menu.  When you do, you want to pick out chips that are lower in fat and contain all natural ingredients.

The new Canyon Cut line from Boulder Canyon is cooked in small batch kettles to provide a heartier crunch, making it the perfect chip for dipping. The kettle cooked method also provides a natural reduction of the amount of fat per serving—as much as 30% less fat per serving compared to traditional potato chips.

Like all Boulder Canyon snacks, the new and improved Canyon Cut line features only natural ingredients and contains no trans fats, no cholesterol and no MSG. In addition, they are gluten free, Non GMO and Kosher certified.

Out of the three types that were sent to me, I liked the Honey Barbecue the best.  They had a lot of flavor.  I also liked how thick they were.  The Sour Cream and Chives were good, too, but I thought they needed more flavor.

I made up a dip to go with the chips, and loved dipping the Honey Barbecue chips in it.  The chips were thick, and didn’t break off into the dip.  (The dip was made with some left-over fat free sour cream, fat free ranch dressing, and chives and scallions from my garden.  I didn’t measure anything, just put it together until the dip tasted the way I wanted).


Boulder Canyon’s new chips are available in stores now.  You can also purchase them online.  This week is a big cookout holiday.  These would be a good addition to your menu, if you are planning to have chips.

Disclosure:  I received free product to do this review.  My opinions are my own.