Prescott Frost Organic Beef Review

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat beef.  It just means that you need to be careful about the amount you eat, and the quality of it.  Lean cuts of beef, in small quantities, can be just as healthy for you as other meats.

I was sent some ground beef and hot dogs from Prescott Frost to review.  Their meat is 100% grass fed and organic.  When I cooked up the ground beef, I noticed that it was lean.  There wasn’t a lot of grease produced during the cooking process.  I couldn’t tell a difference in taste, compared to other beef.  One big difference I did notice was the quantity.  Since it was lean, the quantity of cooked beef didn’t reduce down near as much as the ground beef that I usually buy at the grocery store.

The hot dogs I received were a surprise.  There is a big difference in taste and texture of the Prescott Frost Organic hot dogs when compared to name brand hot dogs I have purchased at the store.  There’s more flavor to them.  I’ve never been a big fan of hot dogs, because they don’t have flavor.  They are always plain tasting to me.  These weren’t.  They are also a lot more filling.  If you eat gluten free, these are also gluten free.

You can order Prescott Frost organic meats online.  They ship via FedEx, packaged in dry ice.  Be careful not to touch the dry ice, unless you are wearing gloves.  I knew that, but did it anyways.  It hurt.  Along with the ground beef and hot dogs, they have steaks and hamburger patties.  You can purchase individual products, or gift packages.

Disclosure:  I received products for free to review.  All opinions are my own.