It’s Great To Have Them Back

My guys are home.  I picked them up Saturday afternoon, dropped them off at home, at went back to the dog show I was working at.  It wasn’t what my husband was expecting, but he understood.  My son was happy to be home.  He came back with an ear infection, and my husband took him to the doctor on Sunday.

Laundry was taken care of immediately.  All of those stinky clothes is one of the things that I don’t like about their week long camping trip with the Boy Scouts.  My son made some adorable beaded necklaces, and did some leather work (with my husband’s help).  I’ve put them away somewhere safe.


My husband had a scary moment when they were camping.  He lost track of our son.  It wasn’t for that long, but given all of the scary possibilities that were going through his head, a small time can seem like a lifetime.  Several of the adults joined my husband in searching for my son.  My husband found him making use of an outhouse that was a good distance away from where he should be.  My husband couldn’t get upset, because our son was doing something he needed to do.  He had to go to the bathroom, and took the initiative.  That was a huge breakthrough for him to do that on a camping trip.  It’s no big deal at home, but a major accomplishment to do that when camping.

I’m happy to have my guys home.  I really missed them, and am glad that they had a lot of fun.