Exercises For At Home

Are you looking for some exercises you can do at home?  My experts that helped me with the exercise tips, shared some exercises for us.

Sara Dimmick - www.physeq.com - Shares the first group of exercises:

2-3 sets of each exercise, 2-3 times per week
Exercise #1:
Chest fly to a Crunch: Works Chest and Stomach; use a 5-10lb dumbbells and do 10-15reps, you can also keep feet on ground if this is too much for your lower back.
Exercise #2:
Kneeling Side Kick: Works hips, glutes and core: Do 15-20 repetitions, then you can hold leg up and do little circles, 10 reps of circles each way; You can also add an ankle weight to make this harder.

Exercise #3:

Deadlift, Balance and Curl, Overhead Press: works hamstrings, glutes, balance, core, biceps and shoulders
Use 5-10lb dumbbells, go slow so that your form stays good.
Exercise #4:
Wall Sit with Lateral Raise: Works Quads, Shoulders, and Hips
Use 3-8lb dumbbells and hold the squat position for the whole set of arm repetitions.
blink Energy Water workout for the abdominal and obliques.

Kim Coventry – FitKim – Has a great video workout.  She also has an amazing fitness blog.  You should check it out.

Valerie Orsoni – LeBootCamp