The Boys Have Gone Camping

Boy Scout Camp 2011

It was a busy weekend.  I spent most of Saturday shopping with my mom.  After that, I spent the evening helping my husband pack for the week long camping trip for him and our son.  My husband is so great about doing things with our son.  My son loves the Boy Scouts, but the only way he can be involved is if my husband is too.  With all of my son’s challenges, both with communication and with his fine and gross motor skills, my husband has to be with him at all times.

As we were packing up on Saturday, I joked with my husband that he would be lucky to get our son to go to sleep that night.  Later, when the packing was done, I was watching tv and my husband was on the computer.  In walked our son, dressed for camp.  We both broke out laughing.  Then we explained to him that they couldn’t leave until morning.

That brings us to Father’s Day.  I don’t know why they insist on scheduling the camping trip to start on Father’s Day.  It was the same last year.  My daughter and I drove the up to the drop off point, and said our goodbyes.  I missed them both immediately.

My daughter has day camp this week.  I took her up there at 7:00.  It ends at 6:00.  That’s a long day.  It will only be for this week.  She has another week scheduled in August.  My mother insisted she needed to go to camp this summer.  Originally, she wanted to send her to an overnight camp, but we couldn’t find one close to us.  I didn’t want my little girl to be too far away.  We settled on two weeks of day camp, spaced apart.  In between, she will have swimming lessons.

I had blood work done last week.  They are going to check my cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and kidney and liver function.  I’ll get the results tomorrow.  I’m on a high dosage for my cholesterol medicine, and they want to make sure it isn’t causing any damage.  I hate taking the pills.  I’m eating and exercising the way I should be.  My doctor said that sometimes it’s not enough.  For some people, it’s a hereditary thing.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  Maybe my levels will be good enough that they will lower the dosage.  I’ll write up a post tomorrow afternoon letting you know what happened.  Until then, wish me luck.