Build Your Own Yogurt Parfait Recipe For Camping

When camping with my kids, I love to include them in meal preparation.  This recipe is a  at way to do that.  I want to give a special thank you to Evanne, with RV Cooking Show, for sharing this one with me.

Breakfast Craft: Build Your Own Yogurt Parfaits


low-fat vanilla yogurt
natural peanut or almond butter
fresh in-season fruit, cut up into small pieces (frozen fruit works in a pinch)
a selection of nuts – slivered almonds, walnuts pieces, pecan halves, etc. 
granola or other healthy cereal of your choice

clear plastic cups and spoons


Set the picnic table with bowls of each ingredient. Campers can then layer yogurt with other ingredients (example: yogurt, fruit, yogurt, nuts, yogurt, granola, etc.) in a clear cup to their liking.

Not only is this breakfast healthy and a morning energy booster, but it’s a fun way for everyone in the family to show their creativity and make a beautiful, edible, custom breakfast craft. -Evanne Schmarder
Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  This recipe was provided by my request.  I have not tried it, but look forward to doing so on a future camping trip.