Good Gear Bamboo Shirt Review and Giveaway (Closed)

The first time that I heard of fabric made from Bamboo was when Good Gear contacted me about doing a review for their sports apparel. Since then, I have done some research and have been seeing mentions on other blogs about bamboo fabric. Before I get into the review part of this post, let me tell you a little of what I have found out about bamboo fabric.

Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource. It doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides to grow. It is also self-replenishing. New shoots are always growing off of the old ones. I have first hand experience with this, because I used to live in a house that had bamboo in the yard. It grows like a weed. My husband and I had to work hard each year just to keep it under control.

Bamboo fabric is created from the pulp of the bamboo. There is a chemical process in the creation of the fabric, but it is done without harsh chemicals. If you have skin allergies, irritations, bamboo fabric is a good alternative. It regulates your temperature, keeping you warm in the summer and cool in the winter. It absorbs sweat faster than other materials. It is also easy to care for. You wash it in cool water and tumble dry it.

Good Gear sent me one of their shirts to review and keep. The first thing I did was try it on. It fit like a glove. Describing the feel of it is a little difficult. It’s soft, but not like cotton. It’s more like a soft spandex, or a combination of spandex and cotton. I was worried that it would shrink in the wash machine. It didn’t. I didn’t put my shirt in the dryer, though. Instead, I just hung it up to dry.

For me, the big test was wearing the Good Gear shirt while exercising. I put it on for a workout with my Wii Dance Workout. I will admit, but don’t tell anyone, that I sweat like crazy when I exercise. Usually, when I do this workout, I have sweat dripping down me by the end of it. My body heats up quickly. During this workout, wearing this shirt, my body temperature was more regulated. I noticed a big decrease in body sweat.

The bamboo shirt was also non-restrictive. I was worried that I would feel that my movements were restricted by the close fit of the shirt. I’m used to wearing loose fitting clothing when working out. Once I started my workout, I didn’t even think about it.Good Gear has a sports apparel line for both men and women. They carry both bamboo shorts and shirts. You can purchase Good Gearon their website. Use  coupon code GetFit for 20% off.  Good Gear has also offered to give away one of their bamboo shirts on my blog.

The prize would be one Good Gear Tank or T-Shirt .Winners choice of in stock color and size, men’s or women’s style.  Starts now and ends May 30, 2012.  Open to all of my readers.
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